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Kanye West Discography \ Graduation \ tracks

Kanye West

Year: 2007
Genre: hip-hop

  Title Length
1. Good Morning (intro) 3:14
2. Champion 2:47
3. Stronger 5:11
4. I Wonder 4:02
5. Good Life (featuring T-Pain) 3:26
6. Can't Tell Me Nothing 4:31
7. Barry Bonds (featuring Lil Wayne) 3:23
8. Drunk and Hot Girls (featuring MoS Def) 5:12
9. Flashing Lights (featuring Dwele) 3:57
10. Everything I'am 3:47
11. The Glory 3:32
12. Homecoming (featuring Chris Martin) 3:23
13. Big Brother 4:46
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