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Various Artists Discography \ House the vocal Session 2009 \ tracks

Various Artists
House the vocal Session 2009

Year: 2009
Genre: house

  Title Length
1. Rise Up (Fly Over the Rainbow) (Original radio) 2:49
2. Whatcha Want (DJ Antoine vs. Yoko Short edit) 3:49
3. Underneath (Daddys Groove radio Rework) 4:15
4. Wait 4 U (Full radio edit) 3:35
5. You Used to Hold Me (TV Rock remix edit) 4:04
6. Open Sesame (radio edit) 3:01
7. Time (Bongoloverz radio mix) 3:28
8. Miracle (dub radio edit) 3:34
9. Round and Round (Official radio edit) 3:37
10. Da Beat Goes (Sunloverz remix Cut) 3:13
11. Hold Your Head Up High (D. O. N. S. vs. Menck remix edit) 3:57
12. Boom Bang Bang (Horny United Rework edit) 2:37
13. Ride on (Plastik Funk mix Cut) 3:11
14. Dancin (Original radio edit) 3:16
15. Dead radio (Mencks Get Naked mix) 7:15
16. Ready or not (Crimencandys radio edit) 3:39
17. Integrity and Honesty (Straight Bass mix) 3:30
18. Sunglasses at Night (radio edit) 3:18
19. Work it out (Klaas remix) 6:20
20. Bang that Box (S-Man radio edit) 3:23
21. Make You Feel (Klaas Stomp vocal edit) 3:28
22. Bob the radio (Spencer and Hill Club radio edit) 3:34
23. Finally (Bigroom edit) 3:43
24. I Kissed A Girl (Ph Elektro remix edit) 3:32
25. Speed of Life (DJ Sign mix) 5:26
26. Take A Ride (Short edit) 3:13
27. Partywahn (album edit) 4:15
28. Is it Love (2-4 Grooves remix edit) 2:52
29. Hasta Que Salga la Luna (Prok and Fitch vocal mix) 5:05
30. You Got the Love (Eric SSL Con Bootmasters edit) 6:35
31. Oh la la la (Short edit) 3:22
32. I Can't Fight this (Original radio mix) 3:57
33. Somethings Gotta Give (Naesh Lasalle remix) 5:19
34. Wanna Be Happy (Stereo Palma edit) 4:09
35. Want 2 Be (Short edit) 3:16
36. I Believe 2008 (Dabruck and Klein remix Cut) 3:57
37. What A Wonderfull World (radio edit) 3:08
38. Show Me What You Got (Original mix) 6:01
39. Personal Jesus (Ph Elektro mix edit) 3:12
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